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Dread of blaze floods actually haunts occupants of Tangewala settlement in Pune

On Friday, it will be a year since the glimmer floods struck the city on September 25, yet the casualties who are as yet getting bits of life have not had the option to settle themselves. The blaze surges of 2019 asserted 26 lives in Pune. For occupants of Tangewala settlement in Sahakarnagar, the blaze floods were a bad dream as seven individuals from the state lost their lives.

Fears of flooding were back among inhabitants with the city seeing weighty precipitation in the course of recent days. With the rising water levels in the zone, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) sent a notification on September 13 to all the 85 places of the state to clear the premises.So far the Pune area has gotten 154.9 mm of downpour, 56.2 mm more than the ordinary normal (98.7mm).

Be that as it may, the inhabitants state since the blaze floods, nothing has improved in the region. “We are living under constant fear over the last two weeks as the water level has climbed up high and at night we had to run out of our houses. As we don’t have any other option, we have to stay here. The government and PMC had promised us that they will give us new houses and also build a safety retaining wall near Ambil Odha, but nothing has happened over the past year and we are staring at floods again,” said Sunil Shinde, an occupant of Tangewala state. Tangewala state is situated behind Gangatirtha society in Sahakarnagar. There is a waterway situated behind the general public and it has 125 ghettos in nearness to one another.

A year ago the blaze floods happened directly before the state gathering decisions and all ideological groups attempted to exploit the circumstance by dolling out grandiose vows to the occupants of the territory, including giving them remuneration, fixing and reestablishing the Ambil Odha, among others. Notwithstanding, on ground, things continue as before. The Pune Municipal Corporation and region collectorate helped the flood casualties by giving them remuneration. The PMC additionally assigned Rs 300 crore for the fix of the Ambil Odha, which is yet to be finished.

Another occupant Nanda Kailash Shinde, whose whole house fallen in the blaze floods, stated, “Our entire house was damaged in the floods and we had to rebuilt it. It cost us Rs 2.5 lakh. Also, all our important documents were damaged due to the water and we have not been able to get any help from the PMC or the state government. We are worried about the future of our children and so, PMC should at least give us proper homes for safety.”

PMC commissioner Vikram Kumar, said, “We are taking all the necessary measures for the safety of citizens who had been affected due to flash floods last year. I have personally visited the areas over the past week. We are currently working on their rehabilitation project.”

100 mm of downpour in two hours in September 2019 set the Ambil Odha up to blast its banks and flood. 2.5 lakh-People influenced by floods and 800 creatures slaughtered, remembering steers for neighborhood dairies. Likewise, 2,700-Vehicles on the streets and parking areas were discovered lowered in the waterlogged zones of south Pune in territories, for example, Katraj, Bibvewadi, Padmavati and Sahakarnagar.

What was guaranteed On ground circumstance

A private firm overviewed the stream and recognized 77 illicit structures along the stream which disturbed the floods-Illegal structures actually stand. Spend Rs 300 crore on building holding divider along Ambil odha and fix areas where the bank and hindrances had fell Work on the holding divider hasn’t started

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