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Pune: The cancellation & rescheduling of flights hassle passengers

Numerous flyers are bothered over supposed abrupt wiping out and rescheduling of trips just as absence of updates from aircrafts following the suspension of night activities at the city air terminal from October 26 in view of the runway re-covering work.

Vikas Saini, set to travel to Delhi on November 6 and profit for November 27, said most aircrafts were all the while taking appointments for evening flights. “I have a GoAir departure from Delhi to Pune at 9.30pm on November 27. The client care illustrative of the aircraft let me know until Tuesday that the flight was on however the Pune-Delhi trip for November 6 had been dropped by the carrier,” Saini said.

Shalwa Milind Karwe, booked to travel to Nagpur on November 25 and profit for November 27, stated, “I had no idea about the runway restrictions till Monday. I had booked a return ticket of an IndiGo flight for November 29, which was rescheduled to 11am. The timing was not suitable to me. Hence, I cancelled the ticket and booked a GoAir flight at 8.45pm on Sunday. I wonder why the airline confirmed my booking when the restrictions are already in place. I am trying to contact the airline but haven’t been able to speak to anyone yet.”

Working proficient Ajay Shandilya stated, “It has become very difficult to contact the airlines even on social media. I had to fly from Pune to Delhi, and from there to Ranchi on November 15. I decided to avoid the Pune airport and booked a direct flight from Mumbai to avoid any confusions.”

Messages were shipped off aircrafts, including IndiGo, GoAir, SpiceJet, Air Asia and Vistara, with explicit inquiries on supposed issues of travelers. In any case, there was no reaction till the hour of going to press.

Those having corresponding flights are confronting various difficulties. Varun Deshpande got back to the city from Ahmedabad with his folks on Tuesday night. He stated, “We had to fly from Pune to Ahmedabad on October 24. By chance, on October 23, I read a newspaper report on the runway closure. I called the airline (GoAir) and managed to get in touch with one of its representatives after holding the line for around 50 minutes. Since I had booked a round-trip, he told me that my Ahmedabad-Pune flight had been rescheduled. The airline did not give me any choice when it comes to cancellation of tickets.”

He said the return flight, planned at 9pm, was changed into Ahmedabad-Delhi-Pune corresponding flight. It took off at 8am with a nine-hour delay in Delhi. “My parents, both senior citizens, faced several problems. We finally reached Pune at 7.30pm on Tuesday,” he added.

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