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Vitamin C : Include to these foods in your diet for healthy, strong bones

Nutrient C has been standing out as truly newsworthy for long at this point. A water-dissolvable nutrient, it goes about as a cell reinforcement and is liable for flushing out poisons, fortifying insusceptibility and forestalling free extreme harms in our body. It additionally accelerates digestion and advances weight reduction. These astounding elements make nutrient C a significant supplement for generally speaking solid living. Adding to the credits, expert nutritionist Rupali Datta further educates, nutrient C advances bone wellbeing. “It is an important nutrient for collagen formation- a protein that holds our body together. Collagen is also essential for healthy bones and can keep joint-related troubles at bay,” Datta clarifies.

As indicated by an examination, distributed in the Journal of Nutrition, higher utilization of nutrient C may help lessen bone misfortune, particularly in old men. The report peruses nutrient C is a cancer prevention agent that diminishes oxidative pressure and secures against irritation that removes calcium from the bones. “Loading up on vitamin C may help slow down that desorption process,” the scientists advise. A few different investigations have additionally related a higher admission of nutrient C with more noteworthy bone thickness.

Consequently, nutritionists and wellbeing specialists around the globe suggest the consideration of nutrient C in our regular eating routine for generally wellness. What’s more, the best part is it is effectively accessible in a few products of the soil we eat consistently.

Here’re 6 Vitamin C-Rich Fruits And Vegetables For Healthy Bones:


This desi superfood makes for up to 46 percent of the day by day portion of nutrient C. So consider including at any rate one amla in your every day diet for a few advantages.

Citrus fruit:

Lemon, orange and other citrus organic products are presumably one of the initial not many nourishments that we can partner to nutrient C. Known to have this supplement in high amounts, citrus organic products help construct solid bones, solid resistance and then some.


Carrots furnish us with nutrient C as well. Nutrient C aides make collagen-a protein answerable for solid bones, teeth, gums, joint linings and so forth

Green leafy vegetables:

Leafy vegetables like spinach, coriander, methi, mustard and so forth are a storage facility of nutrients C, A, K and so on that can do ponders for our general wellbeing. Have it as smoothie or paratha or sabzi, these green goodness are only an enjoyment!


Another superfood, broccoli is a mother lode of each fundamental supplement. Remember it for your every day diet for your nutrient, fiber and mineral fix.

Bell pepper:

We as a whole love adding red, green and yellow ringer peppers in various plans. These vegetables add tone to an exhausting formula as well as makes it flavourful. Close by, ringer peppers are a rich wellspring of nutrients and cell reinforcement and settle on for an extraordinary decision among the two weight watchers and non-calorie counters.

Remember these vegetables for your every day slim down and advance solid and sound bones. Yet, recollect, have it with some restraint as “elevated levels of Vitamin C in our body may prompt actuation of a protein that causes agonizing bone spikes and osteoarthritis”, states Rupali Datta. Snap here to know how much nutrient C one should add to their day by day diet.

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