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In Pune 5 steps to apply for a patent

A patent is a legal right to the creator or the candidate by the public authority for his development which is either another cycle or item. A patent will forestall duplication and defend the maker’s privileges to make, use or sell his item.

Step 1:

Top off the application structure accessible online at www.ipindiaonline.gov.in/on the web, truly convey it or dispatch it to the patent office in Mumbai. (Mumbai patent office address: Boudhik Sampada Bhawan, Antop Hill, SM street, Mumbai – 400 037).

A applicant is needed to document Form 1 which is a solicitation for recording an application and Form 2 which is either a temporary or complete particular with drawings, assuming any. Notwithstanding these, a theoretical of the development is likewise required.

Step 2:

The patent office will unveil your application for a patent including your theoretical, drawings assuming any, name and address, and date of utilization. A pre-award resistance to the patent can be documented by anyone.

Step 3:

The candidate should now petition for a solicitation for assessment. The solicitation for assessment can be recorded inside a time of four years from the date of need or the date of documenting of the application. An assessment for patentability and different prerequisites under the demonstration will be made.

Step 4:

After the assessment, a First Examination Report will be given (FER). After the issuance of a FER, the application should be taken care of by the candidate inside a half year. A reevaluation of altered reports will be led.

Step 5:

In the event that complaints are exceptional, the regulator will offer a meeting to the candidate. In the event that the complaints are met inside six to nine months, a patent will be given.

What is patentable?

Any article, mechanical assembly or apparatus or its segment, any substance whether living or non-living, item , drug item, any creation of issue, drug items, any cycle, way or specialty of assembling other than the basic natural cycle.

What doesn’t fall inside the extent of Section (3) of Patents Act, 1970?

Innovations falling inside the extent of Section (1) of sub-area 20 of Atomic Energy Act, 1962-For instance : creations identifying with mixes of – Uranium, Beryllium, Thorium, Plutonium, Radium, Graphite, Lithium and more as advised by focal government every once in a while

Patent term:

The term of each patent allowed is a long time from the date of documenting of utilization.

Expenses for e-filing of a patent application:

Individual or a startup: Rs 1,600

Small entity: Rs 4,000

Others: Rs 8,000

Expenses for physical filing of a patent application:

Person or a startup: Rs 1,750

Little entity: Rs 4,400

Others: Rs 8,800

“Once you register a patent application online , it takes three to four months for final granting of the patent. After that if anybody tries to copy a patent without the permission of the original owner, then he is liable for criminal prosecution. A patent ensures that the legal right of the original applicant is protected by law at all times.”

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