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Lava from a volcanic eruption millions of years close to Pune attracts gathering of voyagers

An expected 66 million years prior, a volcanic ejection overflowed magma in the slopes, around 25 km northwest of Pune, and left a passage or cavern, pulling in geologists and researchers, too valiant adventurers in enormous numbers however hardly any others.

An outing to the Ghoradeshwar slope with ‘Excursions’, a Pune-based association, presently means to make a select gathering of aficionados mindful of this topographical wonder, other than understanding the set of experiences and essentialness of Buddhist stone caverns found in the region.

“I remember my first visit to the lava tunnel with a cousin who is studying Geology. I had never seen such a landform in Maharashtra. I had seen caves and crevices but walking into a tunnel was an entirely different experience. It is neither too big a place nor too tiny. It was dark and we were not sure what to expect. Would there be bats, scorpions, snakes or water? However, we now know that it’s safe to go there and experience its charm,” says Sushil Chikane of ‘Journeys’.

He adds that the gathering would meet at the lower regions and, after breakfast, make the short move to the caverns and, at that point, to the passage prior to getting back to base by noon. “The cave contains engravings and statues of Buddhist and Hindu deities and were carved out of a single rock formation around the 3rd and 4th centuries CE,” says Chikane.

With the Covid convention still set up, little gatherings will be taken with specialists and an experience group to guarantee security. “It is an easy climb for young people as well as senior citizens,” says Chikane, adding that the individuals of Pune, who appreciate the outside, have moved on from rushing to slope stations to investigating common pleasures, for example, waterbodies around the city and taking up proactive tasks, for example, cycling and climbing.

The ideal opportunity for interest in Geology is yet to come. “We contemplated clubbing Geology and travel on this outing,” he says.

He adds that the state sits on a torpid fountain of liquid magma and magma cylinders and distributaries have been concentrated in Western Deccan Volcanic Province. “Unlike the volcanoes that we see in films, where the crest of the mountain bursts, the one in Maharashtra is of the kind where there were a lot of cracks in the flatland. Due to tectonic movements, the lava flowed out and melted the rocks of the hill. It left channels of lava that we will be trying to understand during the visit,” says Chikane. The excursion will be on till January 10.

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