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All Aboard the Karma Train, a New, Inspiring Reality-Show where Good Deeds Go Rewarded!

The Karma Train is a new reality-show centred on shining a light on people who make a difference in society. The aim of the show is to inspire others to follow in their footsteps and prove that when people do good things, good things come back to them. It involves a group of friends travelling across Canada in search of good causes to showcase and helping out with them. Guillaume McMartin of Planet Karma, the movement behind the show, says that the idea is driven by the desire to show that if we all work together, we can achieve great things, and the notion that karma is real and good deeds can be rewarded.

This unique and uplifting show is intended to be an interactive experience, with fans commenting on episodes via social media and voting on the causes that should be focussed upon next. It seeks to act as a counterbalance to the fact that there is so much negativity in the news and also sadly in the world as a whole, and provide a spring of inspiration and positive energy. It features four hosts, each specialising in different types of cause. Host #1, Guillaume McMartin is guided by the desire to bring about harmony between all human beings, other living things and the planet they share together. Host #2, Lambros Demos is committed to causes involving rescuing animals, and Host #3, Michelle Mirpour, is dedicated to those that entail helping people to declutter. The final host, Taylor Lyons, is simply interested in giving back in general. There will also be a fifth host, who is yet to be selected, plus appearances from celebrities and influencers who have stories to tell about causes that are important to them.

Planet Karma is currently seeking funding for the Karma Train via the crowdfunding platform GoFundMe. The team behind it are also seeking sponsorship, and are looking to give away prizes from sponsors as part of the show. Their mission is to spread love and empathy while creating a thoroughly entertaining and enlightening viewing experience in the process. The Karma Train looks set to be the next big thing in feel-good reality shows, so stay tuned and prepare for its arrival in your town.

In anticipation of the first episode, Guillaume is travelling across Canada on his mountain bike to share a message of harmony, especially between the non-indigenous and indigenous populations, what with the history of marginalisation of the latter. Those who are interested can follow his journey at the following links: –

The Planet Karma Instagram: www.instagram.com/planetkarma1

The Planet Karma blog: https://planetkarma.wixsite.com/planetkarma/blog-1

GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/f/an-inspiring-journey-aboard-the-karma-train

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