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Python 101: Python Programming for the Absolute Beginners

Python is a widely used high-level, general-purposed and dynamic computer programming language. The philosophy behind its design is to emphasize code readability and simplicity. It has an easy to learn structure which reduces the cost of program maintenance. This syntax allows programmers to express concepts in fewer lines of code than possible in other popular programming languages. It is a programming language that is ideal to learn as a beginner, but yet is also challenging and functional enough for more experienced programmers.

Digital Academy offers Python A to Z; the full Python programming tutorial for absolute beginners. This completely free of charge course has a fast and easy pace, and consists of step-by-step tutorials that cover a wide range of topics. These tutorials, which entail environmental set-up, basic features and advanced tasks, will allow students to work on real-life projects to ensure a better learning environment. The tutorials will focus on being fun, relatable, and practical.

This course is ideal for people who have no prior experience in any coding, but it also suitable for experienced developers and programmers who want to learn a new coding language and increase their coding skills. While the tutorials center on simple yet fast learning, they allow students to learn at their own pace focusing on discipline and frequent practice. At the end of the course, students will be able to write code with confidence and incorporate their newly learned skills into their daily personal lives, for example in their personal finance management or photo/music/movie collections, as well as build towards a career in coding and software engineering, if they wish. The tutorials are currently being financed via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

Digital Academy hopes to reach out to more people and teach coding across generations by creating new tutorials and raising the following funds for different level students: –

  •  0 – €999: Python 101: Python for Beginners
  •  €1,000 – €1.999:  Python 201: Python for Intermediate (Web)
  •  €2,000 – €4.999:  Python 301: Python for Advanced Level (DS, AI, ML)
  •  +€5,000:  Career Tips and Coding Interview Questions for Python Developers

The academy offers backers the chance to be rewarded with 10% commission on every dollar they help raise for this campaign. To achieve this, backers have to register as a booster and share the unique booster link on their social media pages, blogs, websites etc. Jérémy Brandt is the creator of Digital Academy. He is a passionate cyber security engineer with 10+ years of experience working in Digital Forensics & Incident Response and coding with Python. He has taught thousands of people on topics such as ‘How to Code in Python’ or ‘How to Become Professional Software Engineer’ through his YouTube channel and online courses. Through his online content and his new book, his goal is to make software engineering fun and accessible to everyone. You can check the Kickstarter page out here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/digital-academy/python-101 

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