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Wildlife Removal Service Launches to Protect Homes from Wild Animal Intrusion

Pest and Wildlife Service (PAWS) is proud to announce their launch of a new division called Wildlife Removal Services. This division featured on their website offers humane wildlife control services to residents and businesses in many parts of United States such as South Carolina, Kansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Virginia and other listed states. With the help of their network of trained professionals at Pest and Wildlife Service, homeowners can get rid of the nuisance animals causing problems in their properties.

Those interested in learning more about Pest and Wildlife Service and their offerings can do so on the website at https://pestandwildlifeservice.com

Wildlife can be a severe problem for homeowners in many ways. Raccoons can spread disease and contaminate food sources with waste. Squirrels are known for chewing through electrical wires, which can cause a fire hazard or damage equipment like HVAC units. Rodents are another common problem that can spread disease and contaminate food supplies.

Pest and Wildlife Service handles wild animal removal requests throughout the United States for raccoons, squirrels, beavers, birds, skunks, snakes, mice, rats, and other wildlife species that threaten humans.

This trusted company has been in operation for years and has grown into a full-service pest control company with a wide range of services designed to keep people safe from nuisance animals. Its mission is to provide customers with the best control methods available for unwanted wildlife species.

Humane Wildlife Removal

It’s common for people to have encounters with nuisance animals. These are animals that are generally not considered pests, but they cause a problem when they enter human habitats, such as homes and businesses.

Nuisance animal removal is a growing field that involves the safe and humane removal of unwanted wildlife from homes, farms, and business locations. People need to realize that killing these animals isn’t always necessary; they can often be removed from the property without any harm at all.

Humane wildlife removal can be performed in both residential and commercial settings. It’s a service that is often requested when wild animal species invade properties and cause various damages. In some cases, nuisance wildlife may also threaten human health and safety.

However, it’s important to remember that nuisance wildlife should not be killed or poisoned when they become pests in most cases. Many of these species are protected by local, state, or federal laws, prohibiting killing them without first obtaining the proper permits.

There are many aspects to consider regarding humane wildlife removal services. It is essential to keep in mind that wildlife removal experts have a lot of experience, and they can be helpful when the time comes to deal with some animal control issue.

“We are passionate about protecting homeowners by removing animals safely from their homes,” said Kimberly, Head of Business Development at Pest and Wildlife Service. “Our network of professional wildlife technicians have years of experience in animal control and we know how dangerous it can be when wild animals find their way into your home”.

The Pest and Wildlife Service Difference

Pests are animals like cockroaches, rats, and ants that can infest a home or business and cause damage. On the other hand, wildlife animals are usually larger, like squirrels and raccoons. They can also cause damage to homes or businesses, but they aren’t considered pests.

Some people may think that pest and wildlife removal is one in the same thing. While both require a licensed technician to perform the job correctly, there are some differences between the two types of animals that need to be removed from a property.

Pest services are designed to get rid of insects like roaches and mice. These services do not handle larger animals like raccoons, squirrels, and possums. If homeowners have a more significant wildlife problem, it may be impossible to remove the animal themselves. They will either need a wildlife removal service or a wildlife rescue agency.

Pest and Wildlife service offers customized wildlife trapping programs for residential clients throughout United States and many other areas. They provide trapping services for common pests such as squirrels, bats, raccoons, and less common wildlife such as muskrats, coyotes, skunks, and groundhogs.

Trapping and removing animals from homes and businesses is not a simple task. It requires knowledge of animal behavior and local laws to remove animals from the property and prevent them from returning. Pest and Wildlife Services years of experience working with common invasive wildlife species.

About Pest and Wildlife Service (PAWS)

Pest and Wildlife Service, a new service provider in the wildlife removal industry, is now offering services to homeowners needing humane animal control.

It has been established to protect residents from the disease and damage caused by common pests and wild animals that enter their homes. PAWS can help evict these unwanted guests from squirrels to raccoons, bats to snakes. The company prides itself on its professional service with a personal touch.

Pest and Wildlife Service offer various services to make sure that animals are removed safely. Their team conducts a full inspection of the home to determine where the animals are entering the space, then sets up traps for the animals. Once they have been captured, they are released elsewhere in the wild. Their animal removal services also include cleaning up any messes left behind by the critters and repairing any damage to the home that they may have caused.

If a wildlife problem is discovered during the inspection, they estimate the work that needs to be done. Their quotes include the total cost of repairs to any damage caused by wildlife and all labor costs for trapping and removal.

For more information, visit their website at https://pestandwildlifeservice.com/wildlife/sc/.

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