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Learn Data Analytics shares top reasons to learn SQL in 2022

SQL and Database training is getting increasingly significant in contemporary data-driven 21st century world and on modern job boards.

April 29, 2022: Talk about the time-tested programming languages that have been around for decades and SQL tops the list with elan. Introduced in the mid-70’s, it’s inspiring how SQL has only evolved and managed to stay pertinent as per the needs of the changing markets in the field of computing and databases. The demand for SQL skills is only growing with each passing year- in that light, renowned data analytics learning platform, Learn Data Analytics, has recently shared a post listing the top reasons to learn SQL in 2022.

Titled “Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Learn SQL in 2022”, the LDA post has shared the 6 major reasons to develop strong know-how on SQL for the tech professionals.

The chief reason behind the stress on SQL is its mighty capability to handle massive volumes of data. The 21st century world thrives on Big Data- the most valuable commodity in the contemporary tech-driven world. The recent switch to virtual space due to the COVID-19 outbreak has increased involvement of data and brought forth a greater need to manage such a colossal volume. A huge database involves millions of entries, making the whole process of data analytics and analysis extremely complex. And SQL queries have proven to be extremely effective in performing the analysis operations successfully as well as accessing particular filtered data types on demand.

The fact that SQL is something beyond just a mere programming language is another incentive to learn the SQL in 2022. Added to the programming field, SQL can be a handy help for data analysis in marketing, sales, and financial sectors as well.

As per the Learn Data Analytics post, one of the major reasons why SQL is still relevant and there is a high demand for SQL-trained professionals is that the language is compatible with almost all modern technologies. The modern data-driven world is getting increasingly dependent on data and almost all technologies or data bank on SQL interface.

Interestingly, the LDA post has pointed out that SQL is listed as the most desirable skill for data analysts in contemporary job boards. When it comes to accurate data analysis and manipulation, SQL has proven be extremely helpful in making strategic decisions. Data Analysis is one of the high-paying job profiles today and the designation makes it almost mandatory for aspiring candidates to hold powerful know-how on SQL.

Likewise, a solid understanding of SQL would also pave the way for a successful career in data science. The SQL language involves concepts of null values, indices, primary keys, foreign keys, and joins- all the concepts that are significant for working in the field of data science.

Put simply, SQL skill is undoubtedly the most in-demand skill as featured by most of the job portals today. The language has stood the test of time, is compatible with modern tech, and probably the best tool to manage structured data efficiently till date.

Learn Data Analytics offers a comprehensive SQL & Database course that has been intelligently designed to help students develop a strong foundation of SQL. Led by industry experts, the course involves both live and online classroom training.

For more information, please visit https://learndataanalytics.ca/sql-and-databases-course/.

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