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The New AI Health Club for Remote Health Monitoring with Artificial intelligence

Dr. Thomas Sharon, CEO of In Good Health PC is announcing the formation of a preventive telemedicine goup for remote health monitoring with artificial intelligence and personalized medical care. When the patient signs up to join the AI Health Club, telemedicine doctors monitor the person’s health status using the Binah.AI APP through a cell phone laptop, or desktop camera. The APP will predict future disease ocurrence and the patent will receive tailored recommendations to prevent such adverse events. The AI Health Club is the perfect way to get personalized preventive health care without having to leave home!

The best part about the AI Health Club is that the client only needs a cell phone, laptop or desktop with a camera to receive this next-level health analysis. The APP will automatically detect a person’s physiological responses to stress, life-style, exercise, and sudden challenges in one’s life. Then the doctors at In Good Health PC will provide personalized recommendations based on the acquired biodata.

How the Binah.ai APP works:

Binah.ai extracts health measurements from a video stream of exposed skin on the surface of a human face. The video stream is analyzed with advanced AI and deep learning algorithms, including computer vision technology and signal processing. No identifiable features or demographic data (e.g., eyes, height, gender, weight, etc.) are needed. In 60 seconds, users can measure their blood pressure, heart rate, heart rate variability (SDNN and/or RRi raw data), oxygen saturation, respiration rate, sympathetic stress, parasympathetic activity and pulse-respiration quotient.

For contactless data extraction, Binah.ai uses rPPG (remote photoplethysmographic imaging). rPPG is a camera-based solution for contactless cardiovascular monitoring, proven to be as accurate as traditional photoplethysmographic (PPG) devices. This technology measures the changes in red, green, and blue light reflected from the skin and quantifies the contrast between specular reflection and diffused reflection.

The changes in light intensity are caused by the changing volume of blood (i.e., blood flow) under the skin, which is modulated by the heart’s pumping action. The recorded signal is then processed to extract various cardiovascular parameters such as heart rate, respiration rate, and other pulse waveform features. rPPG has been validated in the medical literature.

In Good Health PC’s AI Health Club offers a unique, convenient way to get personalized preventive health care without having to leave home! Try it today!

Those who are looking for an inexpensive way to improve health and prevent unwanted diseases and complications with personalized care, the AI Health Club is the perfect solution. Simply visit Dr. Thomas Sharon online at https://ingoodhealth.ai

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