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India’s Premier Healing Company Pioneers The Fastest Healing Technique – Decrees

The Mystic Lotus and Dragonflies, India’s major online platform bringing together healing experts, wellness promoters and seekers, presents The Decrees, a revolutionary breakthrough in the area of healing and self-development.

The Decrees are a special set of words, sometimes just one word, that can be spoken, read or thought of. They are known to bring healing shifts IN SECONDS. The success of this groundbreaking technique is rapidly spreading within and outside India, its birthplace.

“If healing has been looked upon as a long intense journey of hard lessons, complex spirituality, perhaps even isolation, here’s a surprise! Say Hello to the Decrees that are guaranteed to bring shifts, messages from the universe and even deep healing in MINUTES… IN SECONDS in the lightest and brightest way possible,” says Nidhu B Kapoor, creator, owner and sharer of the Decrees.

The promoters and enthusiasts of this technique vouch for the speed and consistency with which the results are seen. “The Decrees are action statements on steroids or mantras in English with very high vibrations. The way these frequencies are used based on the law of attraction and universal energy laws, changes the internal and external reality in any area of life and that too quickly,” says Nidhu.

Here are the multiple ways in which Decrees benefit in any area of life chosen to work on –

1. Immediately manifesting an intention. For example. recover stuck monies or get a promotion, etc.

2. A block may be revealed. For example. fear of accumulating lots of wealth

3. A message, guidance or intuition may be received. For example. apply for a new job or even call an old friend

4. Opportunities show up to help reach goals faster. For example. partnerships

5. The reverse may also happen to show the seeker what is required! For example, a big bill may show up when doing money work to bring a balance in the giving and receiving.

Users have experienced help and healing in all areas of life such as health, wealth, relationships and even pets healing, ease with travel, household routine, self-love and so on.

Elizabeth’s 30-year-old knee pain was gone in minutes; Vaishali’s 2-month back pain went in a day! Rekha’s clothes got loose overnight; Gina’s bloating and sugar cravings reduced; Belinda’s bank balance increased 6 times overnight; Batul manifested USD 13,000 in a week; electrical appliances started to work for many plus 1,000s across the globe reporting feeling lighter, brighter, better and breathing easier in SECONDS – are some of the successes of The Decrees.

Nishi Davda from England, who has become an old hand at using The Decrees, calls them “favourite medicine, a constant friend with life-changing support!”

In an endeavour to let as many people as possible benefit from The Decrees, The Mystic Lotus and Dragonflies team is launching 3 fun challenges. These call for 5 minutes for 5 days with the Decrees to (i) release excess weight (ii) double the bank balance and (iii) achieve super positivity. The goal is to make participants experience how it’s possible to find their ideal weight, wealth and happiness quickly and with ease with the Decrees.

Amrish Arjun, COO of The Mystic Lotus and Dragonflies, who has also experienced tremendous successes in a short span because of The Decrees, is the driving force behind the launch of these challenges globally. “So many people are experiencing such remarkable benefits that it is time to spread The Decrees across the world in a unique, fun format where the process is easy, shifts are fast and progress is undeniable,” says Amrish.

Here are the challenges –

CHALLENGE 1 – 5-Day, 5 minutes, 5 Decrees, Excess Weight Release Challenge

Expected Benefits

  • Feeling lighter – very crucial for weight release
  • Sugar cravings drop
  • Abs crunch WITHOUT exercise
  • Better levels of energy
  • Clothes fitting better
  • Increase in confidence

CHALLENGE 2 – 5-Day, 5 minutes, 5 Decrees, Double The Bank Balance Challenge

Expected Benefits

  • Within minutes, hours and days, the following may show up – unexpected monies, gifts, treats, compliments, bonuses, receiving stuck money, refunds, stocks rising, opportunities, and who knows, the bank balances may actually double, etc.
  • Intuitive money messages could show up
  • The money block can reveal itself
  • Financial stress could release rapidly
  • Confidence around asking for money will increase

CHALLENGE 3 – 5-Day, 5 minutes, 5 Decrees, Super Positivity Challenge

Expected Benefits

  • Relief for stress, anxiety, unhappiness and insomnia
  • Feel lighter, brighter and better IN SECONDS!
  • Focus and clarity get enhanced
  • Confidence increases
  • Self-esteem, and self-worth get activated
  • Positivity rises
  • Relationship with self and others improve
  • Crises convert into projects – they won’t feel like difficult challenges anymore!
  • Ability to enter a meditative space easily develops

All challenges start every Monday. To know more and sign up for the challenges, visit: https://www.mysticlotusgold.com/why-challenges-are-so-important-article

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