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Rotten Tomatoes Latest Popular Website to Adopt Passwordless Authentication

Transmit Security, a consolidated, cloud-native Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) platform, offers passwordless authentication and omnichannel identity portability to ensure top-notch user experience and protection across a business’s entire customer lifecycle.

To offer end users a more streamlined customer experience while ensuring prompt access to their information, Rotten Tomatoes has adopted passwordless authentication. Now its users can sign in to their accounts directly through Facebook or Google–no need to confirm their email addresses.

In line with this move by this leading American review-aggregation website for film and television, Transmit Security breaks down the password-free login process and explains how it can benefit users and protect user privacy.

Passwordless authentication is a process of confirming users’ identities without using passwords or other memorised secrets. Instead, passwordless login systems use more secure alternatives like email magic links, social logins, biometrics (facial recognition, voice recognition, fingerprint scanning), authenticator apps, possession factors (one-time passcodes, or OTP, registered phones), etc.

According to studies and Transmit Security, password-based logins elevate data security risks that, in turn, lead to lower conversion rates (i.e., ROI), higher abandonment rates, higher OPEX, and negative brand equity.

According to Verizon’s 2021 DBIR (Data Breach Investigations Report), credential vulnerabilities coupled with Human Element account for more than 84% of breaches.

While ATO (account takeover) incidents increased by 307% between 2019 and 2021, the associated losses soared by 90% in 2021 alone, totalling $11.4B. And 60% of ATO issues involved either a compromised, weak, or repeating password.

While credential stuffing, phishing, password spraying, keylogging, etc. target the weakest link to execute ATO attacks, implementing a high-end password-free authentication solution is critical to prevent digital identity fraud and data theft.

Going fully passwordless during login boosts user satisfaction by eliminating secret fatigue. As there are no login credentials to memorise, users and employees can more securely and conveniently access enterprise services, websites, and applications.

Password-free device authentication is generally implemented with single sign-on (SSO) and sometimes as part of an MFA (multi-factor authentication) solution.

Transmit Security explains that users who prefer a biometric login system get the best possible protection with a one-touch MFA. A biometric authentication paired with a matching public-private key ensures that the customer authentication process is automated, highly secure, and convenient.

A FIDO2-certified solution utilises the private key to confirm that the correct device is used for logging in to a user account besides biometrics. As FIDO2 doesn’t incorporate any central repository of biometric identifiers, with a FIDO2-approved login solution, the biometrics and private keys never leave the user device. So even if hackers target and break into the authentication server, they fail to impersonate the end users as it has no information to offer up.

Transmit Security claims that its robust authentication processes, including the FIDO-compliant passwordless login, passkey support, and other MFAs, can improve conversions and reduce attack vectors, frictions, and expenditure associated with traditional password-based logins.

In addition, Transmit Security highlights that its plug-and-play APIs and SDKs make it effortless to integrate its developer-friendly passwordless service within all channels. It can create a frictionless identity experience and requires no intricate modifications at the web and application levels.

Transmit Security provides businesses of all sizes with authorisation, authentication, embedded orchestration, and fraud protection services. Its CIAM platform allows customer-centric enterprises to execute their zero-trust policy at scale, as well as fortify identity protection, and enhance the customer experience–across every device and channel–with zero passwords.

Learn more about Transmit security by visiting https://www.transmitsecurity.com/.

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