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LongCOVIDCareCenter Summarizes Ways To Relieve Long COVID Brain Fog From a TCM Perspective

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Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R. Oct 19, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Numerous studies have confirmed that novel coronavirus infection in humans produced long-lasting side effects even after the symptoms of the initial infection disappeared completely, which we call long-term COVID symptoms. These effects of post-COVID remnants mainly were the appearance of brain fog, fatigue, shortness of breath, chronic pain, and loss of smell.

LongCOVIDCareCenter studied the long-term COVID-19 symptoms, finding that there was a large proportion of patients with the symptoms belonging to the category of brain fog. They summarized the clinical manifestation of long COVID-19 brain fog, and analyzed the pathogenesis of brain fog caused by long COVID.

Then, combined with the pathogenesis, they gave the relief ideas of western medicine for the disease after infection with COVID-19. Due to the limitation of western medicine treatment against long-term COVID-19 symptoms of brain fog, they also recommended some traditional Chinese medicine, including Chinese medicine formula and acupuncture treatment, to relieve the symptoms of brain fog.

Finally, they made advised patients with long COVID brain fog on exercise, diet, and sleep.

What Are The Clinical Manifestations of Long COVID Brain Fog?

According to the published medical papers on the symptoms of long-term COVID brain fog, they concluded clinical manifestations of brain fog as follows:

(1)Neurasthenia: Feel that the brain is often in a state of confusion; Without mentally lethargic; Feel slower thinking when pondering; Responds slower when doing things; Loses creativity when working; Feel neurasthenic.

(2)Memory loss: Feel that one has a cognitive impairment; Often unable to remember something; Memory loss, forgetfulness; Appear similar symptoms to senile dementia-like and Parkinson’s disease.

(3)Attention disorder: Feel that the brain is not in a state and mental trance; Feels it is easy to distract and difficult to concentrate.

(4)Get lost: Feel the brain often is in a state of vertigo; Feel dull in discerning spatial directions.

(5)Language disorders: Feel that it is not fluent and smooth when speaking; Often forgets to choose which words to express meaning.

(6)Dizziness: Feel a false sense of movement or rotation, vertigo, feel lightheaded, unstable to stand or walk, and likely to lose balance and fall.

(7)Brain fatigue: Feel drowsy, it’s easy for the brain to feel tired; Feel fatigued when thinking, it’s easy to feel sleepy when reading; Feel sleepy in the daytime.

(8)Common accompanying symptoms, loss of smell: Olfactory dysfunction, feeling that one can not smell anything through the nose, or that the smell is abnormal.

(9)Common accompanying symptoms, blurry vision: blurred vision is presented in the morning, feeling that the vision is in a trance, and eyes are tired when staring at the computer plane and mobile phone for a longer time.

(10)Common accompanying symptoms, tinnitus: Refers to the condition in which the external environment does not make a sound, but feels to hear a certain noise, feels that the ear is blocked by cotton, over-high internal pressure, buzzing, and it easy to be anxious or difficult to concentrate.

(11)Common accompanying symptoms, chronic headache: Feel symmetrical chronic headache bilaterally on the head; Often feel hot on the head and tightness on the head.

How to Relieve Long COVID Brain Fog From Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Perspective?

From the theory of syndrome differentiation and treatment of TCM, the treatment of long COVID brain fog can obtain more accurate TCM syndrome differentiation and more suitable TCM formulas from the following three steps.

(1) Perform the observation, smelling, hearing, and inquiring of traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis, and consult the comprehensive physical examination report and four special examination reports of western medicine. Only in this way can TCM doctors obtain the most detailed disease information of patients to support them to make the most accurate syndrome differentiation and treatment of patients’ conditions.

(2) TCM doctors will classify and summarize the main symptoms, accompanying secondary symptoms, physical condition, and sick parts of the internal organs of the patients according to the most comprehensive disease information of the patients.

First, the main symptoms are the most unbearable symptoms of patients at present, such as dizziness.

Second, accompanying secondary symptoms, which means the patient is experiencing other uncomfortable symptoms, such as occasional chronic headaches.

Third, to find out the physical condition of the patient, which means the patient’s current physical health status, belongs to which category in the TCM constitution. For example, the yang-deficiency constitution, phlegm-dampness constitution, qi-deficiency constitution, blood stasis constitution, etc.

(3) TCM doctors, according to the above summary, combined with the internal organs and meridians related to symptoms, comprehensively use the theory and practical experience of TCM to make TCM prescriptions for patients. If acupuncture and moxibustion are required, these programs will also be prescribed.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) theory is mainly based on: Zhang Zhongjing’s “Treatise on Febrile Diseases”, “Synopsis of Golden Chamber”, Huang Yuanyu’s “Four Sacred Hearts Source”, “Typhoid Fever Suspension”, “Jinkui Suspension”, “Changsha Yao Jie”, Li Dongyuan’s “Treatise on the Spleen & Stomach”, and Zhang Jingyue’s “Jingyue Quanshu”.

TCM Practical experience, which can be found in Google Scholar (https://scholar.google.com/), and search for keywords for TCM treatment of long-term novel coronavirus symptoms. For example, COVID-19 Traditional Chinese Medicine, Long COVID Traditional Chinese Medicine. A large number of academic papers on medical research on the treatment of Long Covid by traditional Chinese medicine can be found in this way.

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