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Preferred Pest Control OC Helping Get Rid Of Pests Before Thanksgiving

Preferred Pest Control Orange County – Thanksgiving is a special time of year to celebrate gratefulness, friends and family, however there can certainly be some unwanted guests in the kitchen or at the dinner table. Pests, insects and rodents can put a damper on any occasion. The professionals at Preferred Pest Control OC have a few great tips on how to avoid a holiday disaster.

Cleaning up before, during, and after Thanksgiving meal is essential for avoiding bug invasion. It’s easy to spill sugar, flour, garnish, and other ingredients on the counter and floor while cooking or baking. Sweep up any spilled food and sterilize the entire kitchen to remove any residual odors that may attract bugs. In addition, don’t leave dirty dishes out longer since insects like flies, ants, and insects get drawn to leftover food on plates. After Thanksgiving dinner, rinse your dishes well and place them in the dishwasher.

Food left open on the countertop or dining table rapidly attracts flies and other pests. Therefore, we recommend using plastic or glass dishware and protecting food with a lid between serves. Furthermore, airtight food storage containers tend to leak smells that attract bugs, ruin good food, or cause an infestation. To avoid this, buy plastic containers with sealed lids to store Thanksgiving leftovers. When everyone has finished eating, neatly stack leftovers in a closed container and keep them in the fridge. Also, open garbage cans and dustbins can draw pests, so invest in bins with latching lids.

Pests visit your home because they are hunting for food. When they are in your residence, one of the places they will look is for garbage mounds. Yes, the rubbish you store in your house is a food source for bugs, which is why they will attack it. Cockroaches, ants, rats, and other insects will dig through it in order to survive or carry food back to their nests. Your garbage cans will continually be in disarray due to this, which you do not want.

Preferred Pest Control Orange County provides exceptional high-quality services that are sure to clear your house of pests. They may eradicate mosquitoes, bed bugs, fleas, termites, ants, rodents, cockroaches, spiders, and flies and guarantee the most appropriate treatment.

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