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Stainless Manual Coffee Maker: Portable French Press For Espresso, Tea Launched

The new EzDtach French press coffee maker has a clear, functional beaker made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass. Its frame, lid, and plunger are made of corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel.

More information is available at https://www.amazon.com/coffee-press-Stainless-Disassemble-Resistant/dp/B0B6KLVWF1?maas=maas_adg_334405100C816A658E536EBA58E13062_afap_abs&ref_=&th=1

The recently launched brewer features a winged nut design that makes disassembling the plunger a much easier task. The EzDtach design eliminates the need for tools and minimizes the risk of broken knobs as a result of using force. Customers can confidently push and pull the knob, disassemble the machine to wash it, and then re-assemble it with ease.

According to Drive Research, three in four Americans drink coffee every day, and 68% of Americans make their daily coffee at home.

According to SYL Prosper Inc., the French press remains a popular tool to make coffee at home, because it is compact, its brewing method is quick and consistent, and its lack of paper filters allows more of the flavorful coffee bean oils to make it into the brew.

The portable, space-saving French press by SYL Prosper Inc. can be used to brew coffee or loose-leaf tea. It can hold up to 34 ounces (one liter) of a hot or cold beverage, which means it can brew a single cup, or serve a whole group.

The brewer uses double-screen filter technology to keep even the finest grounds and granules out of a person’s cup. When customers purchase the EzDtach machine, the company includes two additional replacement screens.

SYL Prosper Inc. is an online houseware retailer that prides itself on providing state-of-the-art, easy-to-use products for modern kitchens.

“I really like that this has a double filter, so you really aren’t going to get any coffee grounds in your cup, especially if you use a bigger grind like you should with a French press,” one customer said. “There’s nothing mechanical or electrical on a French press, so if it’s sturdy and looks good, it’s a winner. This is a winner. It was easy to clean afterward as well.”

Interested parties can learn more about the French press coffee maker by visiting https://www.amazon.com/coffee-press-Stainless-Disassemble-Resistant/dp/B0B6KLVWF1?maas=maas_adg_334405100C816A658E536EBA58E13062_afap_abs&ref_=&th=1

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