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Pune receives 1.13 lakh vaccine doses, 8 hospitals in district to vaccinate healthcare workers

Of the 9.63 lakh Covishield vaccine doses for Maharashtra, a sum of 11,240 antibody dosages have been saved for the Armed Forces Medical Services (AFMS). An aggregate of 7,930 immunization portions have been allotted for AFMS in Pune while 1,610 have been saved for Mumbai. Another 15,130 immunization dosages will

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More than 400 ventilator units made by Pune firm introduced in Covid hospitals

A call from their alma mater, when the nation is confronting an intense deficiency of ventilators for Covid-19 patients, brought Harshit Rathore and Nikhil Kurele into assembling ventilators. Rathore and Kurele are graduated class of IIT-Kanpur, where their organization, Nocca Robotics, was brooded in 2017. “It was a phone call from

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