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9,000 families in ghettos of Pune, Kolhapur, Thane and Navi Mumbai receive independent digital addresses

In a novel project, upwards of 9,000 families living in ghettos across Pune, Thane, Navi Mumbai and Kolhapur currently have an autonomous advanced location. The location depends on their scope and longitude, and showed as numbers and letters. Pratima Joshi, originator of Pune-based NGO Shelter Associates, revealed to The Indian Express

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Coronavirus pandemic rises egg demands in Pune, Mumbai, Thane

The demand for eggs in Maharashtra has expanded radically in winters, as clinical specialists are encouraging individuals to devour eggs wealthy in protein to assemble resistance against Coronavirus sickness (COVID19) contamination. Pune, Mumbai and Thane are at present devouring 1.5 crore eggs every day, while utilization in the nation has

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